Health Benefits of Relaxation

You have probably heard that a tiny bit of stress is good for you and that an adrenaline rush can get you through a stressful day and can give you and your workouts an added boost. However, many would argue that stress is a big health concern as it has been linked to numerous health problems such as heart problems, dementia, headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma and also arthritis.

CBS looked at a report which examined the role of stress in seizures - the report found many patients have been misdiagnosed with epilepsy.  The report showed that incorporating relaxation techniques and shifting the focus to cognitive-behavioural therapy helps patients strengthen their coping skills.

Around 9.9 million working days each year are lost due to stress, depression or anxiety according to The Health and Safety Executive. Careers in education, health and social care, public administration and defence have the highest work-related stress. Psychological disorders including depression, anxiety and stress are behind one in five visits to a GP says the NHS.

You will probably still end up racing to your next meeting today or deadline or handling a personal crisis; life must go on after all. So taking the time to relax as much as possible has tremendous health benefits, so whether that's taking time out within our Health Suite (we totally recommend the Heated Relaxation Pods) or maybe a spot of Yoga or simply spend time reading a book, make sure you make time to relax and unwind today.

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