The Christmas period is well known for food, drink and more food! The festive season is probably the most challenging time of the year to stay healthy with all the temptations around you constantly. However, it is completely fine to indulge and enjoy yourself and still maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, while not skimping on the Christmas spirit, of course! Here are a few tips to follow so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

Take a Christmassy walk 
With gym closures and family visits, keeping up with your routine may be quite challenging. Why not work off your Christmas lunch by going for a festive walk for an hour with your family? Not only is this a great way to keep your heart healthy and burn off those unwanted calories, going for a walk is a great bonding experience for you and your loved ones while taking in the benefits of the fresh, wintry air.

Listen to your body
It may seem like a great idea at the time; however, overeating can leave you bloated and slumped on the sofa feeling miserable! Eating slower will lead to better meal satisfaction and maintain your digestion. Christmas food is not actually that bad for you from a health perspective; it is the portion sizes that do the damage. Keep things realistic and enjoy the food in moderation. This is also relevant when it comes to drinking too, these liquid calories can creep up on you the most. Enjoy a tipple or two, however, keep in mind your fitness goals when you are tempted to overindulge.

Don't skip any meals
Distribute your meals evenly to keep your metabolism going with three meals a day, or five small meals per day. Social situations around Christmas do not have to equate in disrupting your meal plans. You can still join in and enjoy yourself by eating lunch beforehand and avoid the guilt that comes later. Also, having a big and nutritious breakfast can limit your temptations when it comes to huge portion sizes and sugary snacks later on in the day.

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