Living with back pain can be majorly disabling with life-changing influences in daily life. Anyone can be affected by back pain, although it is more commonly known to emerge within adults aged 60 or over. The distinct lack of awareness with back pain is being targeted by BackCare, who work to provide information and the latest updates to highlight the subject. Here are a few ways you can combat back pain through physical exercise, and other services Avenue Tennis has to offer.


If you are one of the unlucky ones who suffer from chronic back pain, yoga may be just what the doctor ordered. Yoga is beneficial with gaining awareness of your body tension and imbalances, resulting in heightened balance and alignment. To fully benefit from back pain relief, research shows that the most renowned yoga poses for back strengthening is the Cat-Cow, which works the muscles erector spinae, and Downward-Facing Dog, known to be restful and rejuvenating for sciatica. Avenue Tennis offers Yoga five days a week and is included in the Wellness Membership package. Strike a pose!


A 2004 study in The Spine Journal showed that a single session of exercise such as walking could reduce lower back pain by 10 to 50 per cent. Also, a 1993 study found that just 10 minutes of treadmill walking led to a significant reduction in back pain. Regular exercise is an excellent way to strengthen your back muscles and stimulates the brain to release endorphins to improve your physical and mental health. It is best to walk on a flat surface during the healing period, as hills force you to lean forward and strain your back.

The NHS suggests a few simple back stretches and exercises which can be done at home to help relieve lower back pain and increase strength and flexibility. View here


Osteopathy is a type of physical therapy with similarities to physiotherapy. It is a treatment that works to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues in the body that can be caused by injury, stress or disease. Osteopathy techniques are massaging, stretching, and manipulation of the joints. Most back pain sufferers see a huge difference in pain relief after Osteopath appointments. Avenue Tennis boasts our own in-house Osteopath Christina Hellmann, who is fully qualified in Osteopathy and Sports Massage. We also offer a great 30% off for new customers. Don't miss out.

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