Holiday HITT workout

Most of us go on holiday to get away and have a break from normal day to day life, and you might even be tempted to break your exercise routine.  However, exercise is not only good for you physically it also allows us to release all our negative and stressful thoughts. So, doing at least a 20/30-minute workout while on holiday will defiantly boost your mood. We can all make excuses while away, especially if there isn't a gym at your holiday location, but there are many ways of getting around this.

Bodyweight exercises are perfect to do in your room when there isn't a gym nearby. Swimming is also great cardio, and breaststroke burns the most calories. Try swimming several lengths every day, and then if you can, increase the number of lengths you swim each day. 

Here is an example of a HITT workout you could do in your room, alternative exercises are in brackets if you need a simpler option. 

30 seconds on each exercise, with a 10-second rest between each exercise. 

-    Star jumps
-    Jumping squats (squats)
-    Jumping lunges (forward alternate lunges)
-    Tuck jumps (high knees)
-    Press-ups (drop to knees)
-    Plank (drop to knees)
-    30 seconds rest, then repeat three times

And if you're up for a tougher challenge, then you can increase your working time and decrease your rest time. For example, 45 seconds on each exercise and 15 seconds rest. 

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