Here at Avenue Tennis, we take our member's health and fitness goals very seriously and upon joining you will receive a 1-hour Wellness Assessment. All Platinum and Wellness members can sit down with a qualified Fitness Instructor to discuss their lifestyle goals and have a range of body parameters measured.  This includes blood pressure, lung capacity but also a full medical-grade segmental body composition analysis on our Tanita Machine. Tanita is the global leader in health monitoring and is the most accurate, reliable and advanced health monitoring technology on the market.

Completed in less than 20 seconds, we will advise you on body fat percentage, body mass index, visceral fat, bone mineral mass, body water density and a whole host of other measurements that are all carried out with 98% accuracy. 

Armed with your goals and health assessment results; our team will design a program catered for you that works towards your aims and targets. After 12 weeks, we will carry out a second Tanita assessment to measure results over time and adjust your program accordingly and then every 6 weeks thereafter.