Why is running good for you

When you're intent on getting into good physical shape, one of the most common options for doing so is running. Running is easily one of your most popular activities, and it can play a significant role in helping you get fit.

Running Produces Plenty of Endorphins
One of the main reasons why running is so good for us is that it helps the body generate positive endorphins. When you come home from a run, you often feel a sense of achievement. This is because our bodies produce something known as endocannabinoids which affect our mood and our ability to cope with pain. This is produced naturally during a run, and this will mean that you are typically left feeling like you have enjoyed, rather than endured, your workout. If other workouts leave you feeling sore, running can leave you with a lasting sense of accomplishment. 

Running is the Ideal Stress Release System
Out of all the exercises that you can choose to do, few are quite so good at minimising and combating stress as running. Running is easily one of the best ways to free the mind from your present stress levels, meaning that you have ample time to work through those stressors in your life. 

Running Sharpens the Mind
When you go for a run, you often feel better focused afterwards. Trying to work and find that the words are just not coming to you? Struggling to complete a task that you would usually achieve with ease? Then go for a run. With the help of a running session, you should enjoy a sharper mind and thus be more likely to complete the task which was previously so aggravating. This should help you to make sure that you can rest and recover post-run, and get some work done.

So long as you are happy to go for a run, you will be able to come back from it feeling happier, healthier and more mentally attuned.  From helping you to clear the mind to helping to produce happier, sharper thoughts, running offers many benefits to your body. 

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