The best post-workout routine

Fitness doesn't end when you step off of the treadmill. There are still a few steps to finish off your workout. Here are some tips to get you started...

  • Cooldown - We know it is important to warm up before exercise, but what about after? One of the most important reasons to cool down is to lower your heart rate. When you stop exercising, your heart rate slows and returns to normal, but this can be very dangerous if this happens too fast. It can lead to feeling dizzy, faint, and lightheaded. Cooling down after your workout also helps to prevent injuries!
  • Stretch - It's important to stretch after your workout to help reduce tissue tightness and pain. Between 5-10 minutes is a great amount of time to spend stretching after your workout.
  • Cold shower - having a cold shower after exercising doesn't sound great but is really beneficial as it helps reduce muscle soreness. 
  • Eating the right snack and drinking up Rehydration is essential after any workout! Water helps fuel your muscles, so making sure to drink water after exercise boosts your energy levels. 
  • Enjoy a healthy snack after a workout; it's a great way to start your recovery. After you've exercised, your body tries to repair and regrow muscle proteins. Eating a good healthy snack can help your body do this quicker!

Working out isn't just reps and sets; it's essential to add warm-ups and cool-downs to our workout routines to ensure we exercise correctly and safely and prevent any injuries!

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