Sticking to new years resolutions

While New Year's resolutions are a great way to build a better lifestyle and develop positive affirmations for the New Year, for many people, they are also met with failure. This article will set you in the right direction of how to stick to your resolutions

1. Plan ahead.
Organisation is essential when trying to stick to a workout schedule. Without outlining which day's you plan to attend the gym, it is very easy to fall out of a routine and even drop the idea altogether. Whether you prefer to visit the gym before or after work, or stick to weekends, jot down a personal plan for this. 

2. Talk about it.
Don't keep your resolutions to yourself. This is a sure-fire tactic to letting yourself fail, as there will be no one to express any kind of support into changing yourself for the better. Also, there's no one to let down when you give up on the first hurdle! The best-case scenario is to find a gym buddy who has the same motivation as yourself to work out with. Viewing the gym as a fun, social environment will provide more motivation to stick to your goals.

3. Track your progress.
Keeping track of your small successes will help to keep you motivated. Instead of focusing on the long-term goal, focus on small accomplishments such as losing your first few pounds. At Avenue Tennis, our TechnoGym equipment is the perfect tool in keeping up to date on your progress. With our Wellness Journey program, we offer every member a six-week body-measurement update. Being able to look back upon your progress in your body alongside our Personal Trainers is the perfect motivator to succeed.

With these three great tips in mind, we hope you manage to beat the January blues and kickstart your February back with the right mindset to improve your health and your body. 

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