Running Tips

  • Don’t increase mileage by too much each week    
  • The best running surface is soft flat terrain, try to avoid slanted or uneven surfaces
  • Do not run if injured – apply ice and rest for 2 or 3 days, consult expertise if pain continues
  • Follow hard training/long-running days with ‘rest’ days
  • Run in specifically designed running shoes, buy new ones before they become worn out
  • Try to find circular routes; they’re better for motivation
  • Don’t push yourself too far, keep at a steady, comfortable pace – slow down if necessary but try not to completely stop
  • Always warm up – start off with a walk and gradually increase the pace
  • Always cool down and stretch off at the end of each run
  • Be aware that some days your body will not be as up for it as at others – you may have to slow down a little or even cut it short a little.
  • Be aware of what you eat, try to get most of your energy from complex carbohydrates and remember to keep well hydrated. Remember to eat a little while before you go running!
  • Finally, enjoy your run! Vary the route, find someone to run with or listen to music as you run.

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