Member of the month: Sophie Tills

How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I’ve been a member since Avenue Tennis opened in March.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Chess Adams) and your wellness journey...
Since joining the Avenue Tennis gym Chess got me started with cardio and a few weight machines, after a few weeks we added in another workout, but I still found it very hard to motivate myself to go and do the workout.  So that’s when I decided I needed some personal training, I signed up for ten personal training sessions with Chess. Personal training has changed my experience in the gym; I learnt new exercises to keep me focused and Chess pushed me to my limits and beyond and now I love to go.

What goals have you achieved so far in this brief period and how often do you visit Avenue Tennis?
During my time at Avenue Tennis I have been working towards my primary goal which is losing weight for my sister’s wedding in May 2018, I’m now over half way to my goal and well on track to meeting it. After my eight weeks, we had another wellness check, and my results were fantastic.  Since my personal training sessions with Chess, I try to come to the club at least three times a week, more if work allows me to. 

What is your next step?
My next step is to continue with Chess after Christmas and to try out some new classes

Chess Adams: 
Sophie has been a member since we opened in March. She was one of my first ever clients at Avenue Tennis. In March we did Sophie’s first Wellness session, and she then started to follow a program I created for her. She carried out this program religiously for around six months. During this time Sophie had a few reviews, and her results were always good however she felt she could push herself even harder.

In October Sophie started personal training with me as she thought she needed that extra push to achieve her goals. Sophie has been having personal training now for two months, and her results are outstanding. In just two months Sophie has lost 6.5% of body fat. Sophie has also lost centimetres off all her measurements including an amazing three and a half inches off her waist and four half inches off her hips.

I am so proud of what Sophie has achieved, and I’m very grateful that she asked me to help her along her journey. Well done and keep up the challenging work. 

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