How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I have been a member since the end of December 2017. I had been a member at various local gyms and fancied a new challenge and was impressed by the facilities and classes at Avenue Tennis.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Sarah Cooper) and your wellness journey...
I have trained with several personal trainers over the last few years since having my children. I have found Sarah to be the best personal trainer for me as she provides me with a great combination of nutritional and training advice. By following Sarah's guidance and training, I have dropped a dress size and felt the best I have in years. 

She understands the female body and our cycles and knows exactly what I want to achieve. At first, I was training too much sometimes taking part in two classes and visiting the gym five days a week. But, since reducing my time I have achieved more. All the instructors are great at there jobs, and the classes are the hardest I’ve experienced.

What is your next step?
To keep training hard and reduce my body fat further.

Sarah Cooper:
Sara is our May Member of the Month and has really hit her goals hard! Staying positive while also being a very consistent and a great motivational member. Sara's challenging work and determination has been outstanding.  
Sara set goals straight away in her wellness starter session, she knew what she wanted to achieve, and she has 100% done this.  
Sara has shown what demanding work and dedication can really do when you stay consistent and enthusiastic, well done Sara you’re a real inspiration for others.

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