Member of the month: Mark Storey

How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined back in April and to be fair it was down to a dear friend of mine Rachael who encouraged me to join.
Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Adrian Williams) and your wellness journey...
I’ve been to a few gyms in the past and to be honest I have never really achieved anything other than plod along on a treadmill hence the reason I kept giving up. However, being someone who thought they knew a little bit about fitness I was sceptical at first about using a personal trainer. Having met Adrian to discuss personal training, I was encouraged by his enthusiasm and his style of training. By keeping things varied and straightforward, the method of training allows me to stay focused while I enjoy the journey.                                            

What is your next step?
As my fitness and wellbeing improve, the next step is to focus a little on nutrition to help me achieve my personal goal. Persistence is the key.  

Adrian Williams:
It has been a real pleasure to be training Mark, and to be part of his fitness journey. When I first met Mark,  we discussed his current fitness and any contraindications to exercise. Mark explained to me that he experienced knee pain and as a result could no longer run. Mark was a little sceptical about training but listened to me when I said that I could help him, with not only his knee pain but his fitness too. 

We started working on functional everyday movements to build strength, stability and fitness. Mark soon saw that progress was being made and from that moment we have not looked back!  Mark is now coming to the gym with a spring in his step; we are working on a balance of resistance and cardiovascular training but not moving too far from the blueprint where we started. The transformation has been admirable, and I congratulate Mark on his achievement.


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