MEMBER OF THE MONTH : Mark Carrington

Mark has been a member of Avenue since the end of 2017. Mark has had an incredible journey here, and his stats speak for themselves. In a total of 8 months, Mark has lost an astounding 8.3% of body fat and gained a new outlook on life. In April 2018 Marks metabolic age was 63 (he is 60 this month) and has now dropped to 44 knocking 19 years off which is absolutely outstanding. Mark is a great asset to our club and will always put a smile on anyone’s face. He has made fantastic progress, and it just proves that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

Chess: "I am so grateful that you have allowed me to be such a big part of your journey here at Avenue. The Avenue team are so proud of Mark and what he has achieved on his journey. Well done Mark, keep up the hard work!"

Mark: "Thank you so much for this. I could not have done it without you and the team. I knew I had lost weight but had no idea how the other stats would come out. I think I am still in shock (in a very nice way!) and to think this month I will turn 60, the very moment that you and the team have helped me turn back the clock to my 44-year-old self. It feels a bit of a minor miracle! I have never been so strong, flexible, happy and at peace.

I have to say it has never been a chore but has remained a pleasure from the moment you (Chess) knocked me into shape and set me off on this journey. From the very first moment, you saw me you knew exactly what to do, and all those intensive personal training sessions provided me with the tools and focus on turning that clock back. Your unwavering enthusiasm (matched by all other members of the team) was infectious, and I knew I could get myself back to the old me.

Four years ago when I had to have a total right hip replacement was a very low point in my life. I could no longer do the sports I loved, and I struggled for years after as I gradually got myself back walking again. I never dreamed I could do what I can now do and how I now feel. It is simply down to you and the wellness team with the full support of a wonderful club. 

I now attend the club most days, do all the Yoga sessions and many Pilates and Body Balance classes and regularly practice in the wonderful new gym. All the yoga teachers have also been particularly inspirational, and like you (Chess), never placed any limits on what I might achieve. I owe to all of you, and myself, to continue this journey and see where it leads me. If my story, in any way, is a small reflection of what you all have given me, I hope it will inspire others to be the best, in every way, that they can be.

I really don’t think, at any point in my life, that I have ever smiled so much!

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