Member of the month : Maggy Wilks

How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jake Duffield for putting me forward as the September member of the month. I am overwhelmed, it was unexpected and has been a morale booster for me, my thanks also to anyone else involved. I became a member of Avenue Tennis from the start really; it's a really convenient location for me with flexible opening hours, and I would say excellent value for money.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Jake Duffield) and your wellness journey...
After confirming with me the goals I wanted to achieve. Jake set up a personal programme for me, and quite simply I have never looked back. I appreciate his support and encouragement, and it has had a significant impact on my performance. My wellness journey alongside the check and change is something I have never experienced at a gym before, and it really does keep me motivated. 

What goals have you achieved so far in this brief period and how often do you visit the club?
After just a few months I am already seeing the benefits of the training programme, increased muscle tone and just an all-round improved fitness level. The results already are quite remarkable, especially at my age, it really does prove that it is never too late. I have been a member of other gym’s on and off all my older, adult life, but Jake has encouraged me to use weighted equipment which I have never used before in my life! Along with my general workout programme, the weighted equipment is having a real impact. I attend the gym two to three times a week and spend hours here enjoying the facility; I always enjoy the lovely Health Suite afterwards as it is just lovely to relax in there for a while and the heated relaxation pods with the twinkling lights is just delightful. So, a visit usually lasts around 4 hours or so. 

What is your next step?
I have always tried to set personal goals if I reach them I move the goal posts and with all the support I am receiving I am quite optimistic. I am sure with Jake’s guidance I will be moving a few more. I never take anything for granted though, I will keep going all the while I can. I have always found inspiration in the human endeavour in this world of ours and all its many forms. I read a quote recently ‘Follow your dreams to reach the stars, and maybe you will touch the moon’ that sounds good to me. 

Jake Duffield:
Maggy initially started her wellness journey back at the beginning of March, which is when we first set achievable goals to target. Maggy’s positive attitude towards training and the wellbeing of health and fitness is incredible; I loved her positivity and commitment.
Maggy followed her tailored gym program week in week out and was progressing nicely; we recently changed her program to maintain motivation and to keep the body challenged. We also carried out another health check reviewing Maggy’s previous stats from 12 weeks ago. I was a very proud instructor as Maggy managed to lose 8 inches all over, body fat % reduced, and muscle mass increased, and she lost a total of 10lb in weight. Her fitness and stamina increased, and Maggy was feeling more energised. Demanding work and dedication really do pay off. 

I thoroughly enjoy training and guiding Maggy, and I am very proud to be part of her journey here at Avenue Tennis, she is a true inspiration and proven that age is just a number! I am looking forward to Maggy’s next step.

Keep up the fantastic work, well done!

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