How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I have been a member since September 2018

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Sarah Cooper) and your wellness journey...
My wife Sara has personal training (PT) with Sarah Cooper. My wife then thought it would be a good idea for me to start PT as I have promised not only my wife but myself that I would get back into fitness, back to when I felt my twenties. 

For the past ten years, I have been getting bigger and bigger, and I have tried all the diets and some exercises but could never seem to keep them up. So with my new Avenue gym membership, my attitude changed from the very first personal training session with Sarah.  

Every week if not twice a week, I have a PT session plus a few Group Cycle classes, which I love! Due to work and a busy lifestyle every morning I wake at 5.00 am, and I do a PowerWave session in my garden with my pad and PowerWave bag. 

I've got to say that I am not addicted to exercise, but every week, I look forward to my PT session with Sarah, and each morning, I look forward to my PowerWave workout. 

It has been so good physically, but mentally, it has helped me more. If things get to me I exercise and it clears my mind, plus helping me lose weight. Big thanks to Sarah and my wife Sara for the support and help that was needed.

What is your next step?
Keep the routine going; life is about routine and habits and mine now consists of exercise and a healthier lifestyle. We all have habits good and bad, but make exercise a good habit.

Sarah Cooper:
Luke has been a fantastic client to train, and I'm thrilled to have been a part of Luke's journey. I was very keen to push Luke as he showed great energy and enthusiasm towards reaching his goal.

Luke wanted to lose weight/body fat and generally feel better overall. Luke has been having one sometimes two 1-2-1 sessions with me a week while also doing his PowerWave workout every single morning without fail. 
Luke has changed his body shape, lost body fat, gained muscle and improved his fitness, and that's all down to his hard work and dedication. I am incredibly proud of Luke; he has achieved so much over this past year and his confidence and grown massively.
I look forward to the next stage of his training.

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