Member of the month: KYLE YALCIN

How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined Avenue Tennis in March, as a founding member. I signed up because I had been a member of the Avenue Lawn Tennis Club (ALTC) and when I heard it was moving, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Jacob Ferla) and your wellness journey...
I have previously been signed up to many gyms, but I always lacked commitment and confidence. As a result, I rarely went to the gym but tried to stay active in other ways. After meeting with Jacob to have all my measurements done, I thought I would inquire about some personal training sessions to help me get going in the right direction and to give me more guidance on my form. Jacob quickly figured me out and how best to train me for the goals that I wanted, which at the time were to reduce my body fat percentage and to tone up. Jacob keeps my training varied and entertaining to push me through barriers I had falsely put up for myself but also to ensure that I enjoy every minute of it. I have gone from someone that would rarely venture through to the reception of a gym, let alone into it, to someone that is there as much as they possibly can be.

What is your next step?
As I have seen significant changes in my physical appearance as well as my mental attitude, I want to keep going. I know for this; my next step must be to change my nutritional habits so give myself more variety and enjoyment. From there, anything is possible!

Jacob Ferla: 
Kyle has been training in the gym multiple times per week, as well as playing tennis, taking part in classes and having regular personal training sessions, and his progress towards reaching his goals has been astounding.

Kyle initially set the goals of dropping his body fat percentage while keeping or building muscle mass simultaneously. He then began working towards his goals, taking advantage of every aspect of the club. Kyle started with Personal training once a week, took up classes, focusing on Group Cycle, Boxercise and Body Pump and continued with his tennis where he regularly plays ladder matches as well as cardio tennis and recreational games with other members.

In the space of 5 months, Kyle has achieved spectacular results. Kyle has dropped 11cm from his waist measurement, lost 11% body fat, gained 6lbs of lean muscle and dropped his visceral fat down by 60%; all while improving his overall hydration levels by 9.5%.

Kyles results are a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and consistency. Well done Kyle for working so hard to reach your goals!

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