How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I’ve been a member of Avenue Tennis since it opened, I was on the waiting list before Avenue opened in March 2017.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Adam Church) and your wellness journey...
I mainly do classes, especially Body Pump, which I try to do twice a week, along with Body Balance and Yoga. I find training in a class with a likeminded group of people far easier than training on my own, which I struggle to be motivated for. 

Adam, Nicola, and Simon (who teaches Yoga) run excellent classes. Not too serious with a lot of clear instruction. They encourage you to push yourself a little further and have some great music to train too.

What is your next step?
Continue with the classes; I’ve made significant progress in overcoming some old injuries and niggles. I’m getting more flexible, stronger and keeping my weight under control. Maybe one day I might even get good at lunges, but I won’t hold my breath for that one!

Adam Church:
It has been a real pleasure training with Keith here at Avenue Tennis. I also joined the club shortly after it opened as a group fitness instructor and seeing Keith and others progress over the years has been very rewarding.

What makes Keith stand out to me and adds volume to his character is that no matter what the challenge that is thrown at him, he always attacks it with a positive and humorous attitude. His enjoyment for fitness shines through, and his technique has continued to progress through his improved strength and flexibility.

Keith is a real asset to the club and embodies the positive and friendly spirit that we encourage amongst our members. Keith will always be one of the first to help others, especially those who are new to a class and look unsure. His good nature and friendly demeanour are a big part of the reason he is October’s Member of the Month.

I look forward to seeing Keith go from strength to strength while still enjoying his fitness within the classes.

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