How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined Avenue Tennis 5 months ago.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (David Griggs) and your wellness journey...
Since joining Avenue Tennis, I have lost 36kg. This is something I never thought possible. As well as following a strict diet, the gym has played a vital part in this and a lot of that is down to my reviews with David. The workouts he has set for me have really helped me stay focussed and every time he sees me in the gym, he always pushes me to do more and to really challenge myself. The gym is really well equipped and I love the extra features such as the tracking system on the app; this has been key to keeping me motivated

What is your next step?
Keep doing what I'm doing, I want to get my fitness levels to a point where I can take part in Group Cycle and have the confidence to jog in public. 

David Griggs:
Dan is a friend of Sam who was our June Member of the Month, they’re both going through the same fitness journey and encouraging each other to get their results and it’s working!

Having lost a considerable amount of weight since his initial consultation he is exceeding his own expectations each time he steps on the scales!
He is embracing his fitness program and challenging himself to push further every time…. He’s loving the step machine right now!

He is very determined to reach his end goal and I have no doubt that he will achieve it. Keep up the great work Dan and from anyone here at Avenue Tennis….. Congratulations! 

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