How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I started middle of December last year  Standard new year, a new me commitment to myself.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Jess Huggins) and your wellness journey...
With work and family commitments, I have limited time available to go to the gym, so having a plan tailored for me has allowed me to be effective and efficient with my time.  We have been focussing on full body workouts so that I can hit the key muscle groups at least twice a week. I am happy with my training and the results so far, for which Jess has been great!

What is your next step?
I have really been enjoying trying to improve my overall health, from what I eat, to training, ensuring I am getting enough sleep and organising my work/life balance.

Physically, I am keen to improve my flexibility and posture which has been affected by years of neglecting this element of training and sitting for extended periods at a desk for work.  I would also like to focus on improving my movement and body weight exercises, especially my long-standing nemesis the pull-up.

Jess Huggins: 
Adam has shown immense commitment and determination towards his Wellness Journey, and the results speak for themselves. When Adam first joined Avenue, he wanted to get back into training and work towards a fitness level he once knew. But with a fair amount of time away from the gym, the start of the journey was more challenging then many would have liked.  Nonetheless, Adam committed to training on his allocated training days and pushed passed those challenges he once faced. With limited time to train, Adam wholeheartedly puts 110% into his training as well as making suitable changes to his lifestyle. Adam’s commitment to both his training program and his diet has made him achieve some fantastic results. I am confident in no time at all; Adam will be at his desire body fat % and will be able to complete a full set of pull-ups successfully. 

Keep up the good work Adam!

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