Improve your Overhead

Overheads are commonly called smashes. This is a term many coaches rarely use as it teaches people to try and wallop the ball. An overhead is a shot a professional tennis player makes with high success in a tennis match, but a club player routinely misses. Here are a few hints and tips to help improve your overhead:

Keep your alternate hand up high
Use your alternate hand to track the ball when it is up in the air. This also helps keep your shoulder high, preventing you from collapsing on the stroke.

Contact point nice and high
When you contact the ball, you need to be fully extending to the ball and contacting as high as you can

Pick a space and hit it!
When the ball goes up in the air, choose an area that you want to hit the ball to and then stick with it, don’t be put off by your opponents. You can aim at your opponent’s weaker side, or you can hit it to the side you feel most comfortable with.

These are three basic tips you can use to help improve your overheads and get ahead in your matches!

Good luck!!!

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