How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis? 
I joined Avenue Tennis in April 2018 because the gym I was with at the time was no longer offering value for money. 

Tell us about your experience with our Fitness Instructor's and your wellness journey... 
I have found the gym trainers really friendly and approachable. There has always been someone on hand to give helpful advice, demonstrate the best technique, or spot me when I’m lifting extra weight. I had my stats checked by Andy and uploaded to the My Wellness app, which I’ve found to be a useful tool.

What is your next step? 
My next step is to lean out, by looking at my nutrition and do more cardio using the Skilllmill, Stairclimb and SkiErg

Scott has exceptional dedication and commitment to his training and is continuously looking to better himself. He is a hard-working and devoted individual, balancing family life and his gym routine. I am sure he is only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s to come if his commitment and dedication continue. Once he steps foot in that gym, he is in the zone and focuses on one thing only – putting in the effort.  

Well done, Scott!

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