How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
Just over a year now

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Adam Church) and your wellness journey...
When I first joined the club, Adam set me up with three different programmes that were easy to follow and included specific exercises that helped me work towards my targets, such as getting stronger. 

I have previously left other gyms as they could be intimidating for a woman training on her own. However, I never feel like this at Avenue, which has really helped my confidence and self-belief that I can challenge myself, especially using free weights. Since returning from lockdown, Adam has helped me revise my plans, and I’ve realised how much my confidence is linked to working out.

More recently, I’ve enjoyed using the badminton and table tennis facilities with my partner, which is enjoyable and has added to my fitness journey. The group classes such as Body Pump are always fun and challenging at the same time. 

What is your next step?
To continue working with Adam to build up the weight on my programmes and achieve an unassisted pull up eventually. I also play football so to continue building muscle and improving my cardio fitness to help improve my performance on a Sunday too! 

Adam Church - Personal Trainer:
Working with Sarah has been a pleasure. She has been focused, keen to succeed, and most of all, has found the fun in exercise.

I remember when Sarah would attend my Les Mills classes at another club but would rarely use their gym to support her training. After we spoke about why this was the case, it was clear that no one had ever talked to Sarah and listened to what her goals were, and as a result, her previous programmes didn’t help her to feel like they had any benefit to her goals and progress was never made as a result.

When Sarah joined Avenue Tennis, I was super excited to help her succeed and offer her the training support she had not had before from previous clubs/instructors. From breaking down her goals to tailoring her training programmes to her needs, Sarah has developed from strength to strength. Now in the gym, Sarah is more confident to train independently in areas that before would have been outside of her comfort zone.

With many clients, their focus for joining the gym tends to be to lose weight or look a set way, but with Sarah, her goals were the key to her success! Improving on her strength and using the classes and gym equipment to help improve her fitness in team sports, which she enjoys. By focusing Sarah’s training around this goal, she has empowered herself to push and listen to her own body. Over the last year alone, it has been amazing to watch her confidence grow in and out of the gym. She indeed has found the enjoyment that exercise has to offer in all aspects of her life.

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