How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?  
Around 18 months

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer Adam Church, and your wellness journey. 
I wanted to tone up after losing some weight in lockdown. Adam has helped me learn new routines and exercises each time I have a personal training (PT) session. 

I have felt a difference in my fitness levels as well as fitting in my clothes better. Due to having a bad back, Adam gave me specific exercises to help strengthen my back, and as a result, I feel a lot better. My physiotherapist has also noticed a big difference, and I now visit him a lot less frequently, thanks to Adam.

What is your next step? 
To continue toning up and getting fitter, and improving my back muscles.

Personal Trainer: Adam Church
Sara has been an amazing client to train. From getting to know Sara and her upbeat character within the group exercise classes to now, it’s so rewarding to see how much she has grown. When Sara approached me regarding her back pain and the trouble she has had with PT sessions in the past, It was clear that I could use my skills as an exercise referral specialist to help Sara. Sara’s goals were clear, and being open-minded and never shying away from a challenge allowed me to design fun and engaging sessions to help her meet her goals. The best part for me is hearing how much better Sara has managed her back pain now due to being more active and moving better while exercising. 

I have awarded member of the month to Sara because she demonstrates the values we like to see in members within the gym. She is friendly, chatty and approachable. This, to me, is like so many of our members, but Sara stands out here, and this makes Avenue Tennis the club it is today, a welcoming and friendly place to train, meet new people and achieve your fitness goals.

My next step now for Sara is to increase her strength and help Sara become independent with managing her back pain. 

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