How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I have been a member of Avenue Tennis since May 2018. 

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Jake Duffield) and your wellness journey... 
When I moved into the area two years ago, I did not even realise that Avenue Tennis was nearby. I came in for a tour and was most impressed by the spa area, which I knew I would enjoy using regularly.

I was keen to work on my general fitness level and lose some weight, but I did not ever expect that the training programs, group classes and supportive nature of the personal trainers would improve my life to such a great extent. 

At the end of 2018, I was working towards embarking on a UK tour for my debut album as a jazz musician. Although this was rewarding, it was also stressful, and I can remember coming into the gym to clear my mind, relax, and refocus on my next goals with the project. Regular exercise also kept me in good health at that time. 

I decided to take my journey a step further in August 2019, when I started personal training sessions with Jake. I was very nervous at first, but he soon put me at ease and gave me a focused training programme which I stuck to and did as often as I could. Being a musician, I know how important consistency is for improvement, and after a few months, I could see some changes in my body shape. All the gym staff have been really encouraging and friendly, which to me made a difference that they acknowledge that you are making an effort to train regularly. 

What is your next step? 
Most recently, I have revisited the yoga classes at Avenue Tennis and found these to be incredibly beneficial to my mindset and focus in everyday life. I want to continue this practice and improve my ability in many aspects of this class. I am looking forward to starting a different training programme and challenging myself further to build more muscle tone. 

Jake Duffield – Fitness manager
Lorraine has been a fantastic member to train; I’m thrilled that I have been a part of her journey. Since taking on Lorraine as a personal training client over the last 3-4 months, she has grown so much in her performance and has become physically and mentally stronger. 

Lorraine had a goal to improve her body shape, muscle conditioning and to push herself to her limits. As well as having 1-2-1 sessions, she has also been following a tailored fitness plan as well as attending our group fitness classes. She has a great positive outlook and willing to try different exercises to achieve her goal.

Lorraine has reduced 5cm from her waist and 5cm from her hips. She has also reduced her body fat % from 30% to 25%; her muscle mass has increased by 2.5 kgs in result, reducing her metabolic age by ten years. Great results and I can’t wait to see how far Lorraine will keep pushing herself. Good effort, keep up the excellent work.

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