Get ‘Covid-Fit’ with Tanita

Written by Simon Wilkinson, Tanita Sport & Fitness Lead, UK.

Following the great news that gyms in England could reopen from the 2nd December, it got me thinking about the vital role we play in helping the country not only recover from the pandemic but also what we can do to minimise the effects of outbreaks in the future. Then like magic, I came across the article by Dr Jenny Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the UK encouraging Brits to ‘get fit and lose weight, in preparation for the predicted return of COVID-19 in the winter months.’

There are some eye-opening statistics included within this report including, ‘Research from the University of Liverpool has shown that being obese increases the risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 by 38 per cent’ and ‘Data from the NHS also indicates that 75 per cent of people who have been hospitalised with COVID-19 were overweight or obese’. What is more apparent than ever is the advice is ‘get healthy’!

I have previously spoken about health over aesthetics becoming prevalent, but now health over ‘fitness’ will be a priority for so many people. 

So how do we support our new and existing members in becoming ‘healthier’ and not just ‘fitter’. The absolute best way to monitor people’s health is to utilise the Tanita body composition technology, by doing this you can see the exact impact you are making, including muscle mass, body fat, hydration, visceral fat (fat around key organs) and metabolic age. Looking beyond mere weight allows you to have a detailed conversation about your health, as you can see that body fat is reducing, muscle mass is increasing, and seeing your younger metabolic age is hugely motivating.

All Platinum and Wellness members receive a Wellness Starter Session, which includes this Tanita health assessment, completed in less than 20 seconds.

We will also advise on a whole host of other measurements that are all carried out with 98% accuracy. Every six weeks, you can meet with your personal trainer for your Wellness Review to review your goals and fitness plan. This includes a fresh health assessment to check progress and adjust your plan accordingly.

The term ‘Covid Fit’ will get used a lot over the coming months and for a good reason, part of the fight against another outbreak will be reliant on the health of the nation. 

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