Fitness For Beginners

Many of us struggle to get started when it comes to fitness, which can be for many different reasons. Although for most of us day to day struggles such as work and a busy schedule stop us from getting to the gym, for others, those barriers are mental. But once we have introduced regular exercise to our daily routines, there are many great benefits of doing so. 

Physical Benefits 

Mental Benefits

  • Exercise can make you feel happier
  • Brain function and thinking skills
  • Improved sleeping patterns 
  • Boost’s self-esteem and confidence

Here are some top tips to get started!

  • Speaking with a personal trainer- Speaking with a PT can help you figure out realistic goals, keep you on track and help you stay motivated. They can ensure you meet your goals safely and effectively. 
  • Build your exercise steadily- Whether you have a PT or are following your own fitness routine, it is essential to build your exercise at a realistic and steady pace and not push your body past its limits- which could cause an injury. 
  • Try classes for group encouragement - For those who feel anxious about visiting the gym, trialling classes is a great way to take the first step! Meeting new people with the same interest and goals and working out in a group can be incredibly motivating! This can help build confidence and encourage more visits to the gym.
  • Scheduling a gym session into your daily/weekly routine - Scheduling your workouts makes it easier to find a balance and a consistent time to head to the gym! 
  • Keep Going! Although it can get tough and difficult to not put pressure on ourselves to achieve quicker, it is important to bear in mind that results don’t happen straight away and just keep pushing!

Do something now that your future self will thank you for. 

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