Finding Time

Life races past at 100mph so trying to stay fit and healthy can become a bit of an uphill struggle when you're busy! Try these few tips to make better use of your time.

Less can be more:

It's not always necessary to exercise for an hour each and every day to reap the benefits; something is better than nothing even when your day is jam-packed. Why not try this quick 10-minute workout:
4 x minutes kettlebell swings.
4 x minutes abs. 
2 x minutes of squats and lunges

Workout with your children:

Watching children running around, you quickly realise that they’re better than any personal trainer. Playing with children, whether it's bouncing on the trampoline, dancing around your living room or playing tag together, are all great workouts without you even realising. 


On those occasions when you manage to find a space in your busy schedule to exercise, make sure you are getting the most out of your workout by introducing supersets.

Super setting can cut your training time down by 50%. Instead of rest periods between sets, move straight on to the next exercise. For example, chest press straight into press-ups.

Optimum foods: 

When you have a busy lifestyle, your diet can suffer and vending machines, petrol garages and takeaways can all become far too tempting a choice. Preparation is the key! Make sure you’re stocking up with foods that deliver the maximum health benefit. For example, blueberries are good for cholesterol; spinach is fantastic brain food, salmon is good for osteoporosis and pumpkin seeds are perfect for your memory, all are hugely nutritious and will keep you full. 

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