Exercise after holidays

When you’ve been away on holiday, getting back into your routine is sometimes difficult. Whether you have been away for four days or four weeks, it's always tough. The key is to ease yourself back in slowly and keep a positive state of mind.

Starting slowly
It's important to start back slowly to ensure you don’t injure yourself or tire yourself out mentally as well as physically. If you were previously attending the gym five times a week, you might want to ease yourself back in the first week just three times, then increase the days each week. Alternatively, if you would rather not cut your days down, you could always decrease the intensity of your workouts before increasing the intensity again.

Be patient
It can be frustrating after a period of no exercise trying to stay motivated, especially when it feels ten times harder than previously. However, this is completely normal, and you must be patient. Everyone's body works differently, for some, it will take a few sessions to get back to normal, and for others, it could take two weeks. Therefore, it is so important to listen to your body and don't forget not to compare yourself to others.

If you would like extra help to keep motivated or even a confidence boost, speak to one of our Personal Trainers.  Our Personal Trainers are here to help you reach your personal goals and keep you on track. Find out more

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