Common Gym mistakes

3 common mistakes beginners make in the gym

Walking into a gym environment for the first time can be very overwhelming. The impression that everyone else knows what they are doing except you is a very common, yet untrue assumption. However, we are all guilty of feeling this way early on our fitness journeys from time to time.

Making mistakes as a new member is almost guaranteed; however, with the right amount of motivation and help, you will feel completely confident in the gym in no time. Here are three common mistakes beginners make in the gym and ways to avoid them.

1. Avoiding your induction.
It's understandable; you want to get started in the gym straight away without speaking to a Fitness Instructor. However, not taking full advantage of the consultations put in place for you will only lead you open to making more mistakes, and feeling unsure about what to do in the gym to achieve your goals.

Here at Avenue, we provide a full Wellness Journey for every one of Wellness and Platinum members; this is put in place to make everyone feel at ease in the gym. We want everyone to feel comfortable walking into our gym and to achieve the best results possible. Our Wellness Journey consists of a full health check and body measurements on our state-of-the-art Tanita machine. Our fitness instructors will also build you your own personal fitness program completely related to your goals. This consultation gives you a chance to talk to a professional and ask any questions you may have. 

2. Going too hard too fast.
While it's great that you're starting with lots of energy and enthusiasm, it's also essential to ease your body into working out. This way, you will not lose momentum quickly and are far more likely to keep it up. Starting too hard too fast can lead to initial discomfort, disappointment in your lack of results, and potentially injury. Giving your muscles the time to grow and progress is extremely important in fitness. Make sure to discuss with your Fitness Instructor in your fitness consultation how much time you should spend working out, and follow their advice. 

3. Not balancing weights and cardio.
It is very common for beginners to be anxious when it comes to entering the weights area. It is important to note that by avoiding weights and sticking to cardio exclusively, your body cannot tone and gain lean muscle. Cardio can burn-up all the muscle that you already have. On the other spectrum, other members may entirely skip cardio and focus primarily on weights. This is also problematic as it will be harder to burn body fat. A good mix of cardio and weights will help to reduce body fat while growing lean muscle.

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