We have expanded our tennis coaching team

We have expanded our coaching team; please welcome our new Club Tennis Coach Steve Tipple who will be joining the Coaching Team from September.

" I have recently taken early retirement from Nationwide after 32 years and decided that with my free time I would like to do tennis coaching more often. I started playing tennis again 12 years ago at Avenue LTC so that I could help my son to learn to play tennis.

I then got more involved with the club and started playing for the teams which I have been doing for the past eight years. I am also the fixture secretary for the Kent and Medway league teams.

Six years ago, I did my PTR course to allow me to volunteer with the children at the club. Recently I have taken my level 1 LTA course and will soon be doing my level 2 LTA course.

I am looking forward to starting my coaching at Avenue tennis; I am excited to help mould the future of British tennis here at Avenue Tennis. "

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