Opening Highlights

At 6 am Monday, March 20th, Avenue Tennis Gillingham opened its doors to the public for the very first time.  Although touring prospective members had been happening since January 9th, this was the first time our new members could use the Tennis Courts, Gym, Studios, Health Suite or bar areas.

A project that was seven years in the planning and 15 months of construction was exactly what this part of Medway needed. Personally, I began my Avenue Tennis journey in May 2016 and the ten months through to opening I had seen the site develop drastically.

June 2016

Avenue Tennis June 2016

March 2017

We knew that the Avenue Tennis was causing quite a stir by the feedback and social media engagement we had seen, however when we first opened our doors for touring in January the number of people we toured and the excellent feedback we received was overwhelming.

It has been exciting to see the wide demographic range of members we have appealed to across all our membership categories. We now have many junior members (5-12 years of age) which is fantastic as this was the main reason Avenue Tennis was built; ‘to encourage participation and performance in juniors’.

Overall the first few months since we have opened have flown by. There are many successes to highlight from the very popular Kids Easter camps to seeing our gym members enjoy the fantastic group cycle studio. A major moment for us was the opening of ‘Featherbys’ our restaurant which is open to members and non-members, adding another dimension to an already diverse club.

July 2016

Avenue Tennis July 2016

April 2017

Avenue Tennis April 2017

Sam Dudgeon - General Manager

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