Milan to host Inaugural Season-Ending Next Gen ATP Finals from 2017

The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) has announced that Milan, Italy is going to a host a new ATP tournament which will only feature 8 of the world’s top 21-and-under singles players. The event has been named the Next Gen ATP Finals. 

The event has brought in some innovative rule changes for the event. There will be no line judges; instead, these are to be replaced by Hawk-Eye Technology. The only official presence on the court will be the umpire. The sets will not be played up to 6 games but instead played up to 4 games, there will be no-ad scoring – if the score reaches deuce, it is next point wins, there will be no lets played on the serve, and there is a shot clock to speed the contest up. 

Could this be the future of tennis??

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